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The perfect match between encouraging companies and creative projects

Leverage your marketing and ESG investments with our complete curation, management and performance platform

Gain Operational Efficiency

The only complete platform for project curation and sponsorship portfolio management.

Increase Your ECG Scores

Personalized performance monitoring for your company's goals.

Leverage your investment with our automated and customized processes

Data Based Management

Clear vision for decision-making and transparency of invested resources.

Specialized Team

Continuous support from professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the segment.

Como Funcina

POD.CREATE Solutions


Connection Between Investors and Bidders

Diagnosis of the promoter's objectives e analysis of creative industry project profiles for the perfect match between sponsoring and proposing companies.

Project development

Follow-up of documentation, schedule, deliveries, graphic pieces and counterparts.

Automated generation of financial and project status reports.

Brand Perception Metrics

Monitoring of socio-environmental impact and cultural added value with personalized metrics and brand awareness   with project audiences.


Confira nossos pacotes de assinatura de 6 a 12 meses, com planos que podem ser contratados de forma individual ou combinados


    Valid for one year
    • Diagnóstico automatizado dos objetivos do incentivador
    • Diagnóstico automatizado de métricas e de perfil do projeto
    • Conexão ágil entre incentivador e proponente

    Every month
    • Dashboard automatizado e intuitivo
    • Acompanhamento do cronograma
    • Alerta para datas-chave
    • Espaço de aprovação de materiais de divulgação e comunicação
    • Estágio de execução e relatórios automatizados de status
    • Alerta sobre pendências de documentação
    • Espaço para entrega de contrapartidas
    • Ferramenta para envio de relatório financeiro
    • Ferramenta para envio de relatório de realização

    Every month
    • Todas as ferramentas do PLANO GESTÃO +
    • Métricas personalizadas de impacto socioambiental
    • Dashboard personalizado de acompanhamento do projeto
    • Relatórios de impacto otimizados e automatizados
    • Conteúdos exclusivos sobre impacto socioambiental
  • Recomendado


    Every month
    • Todas as ferramentas dos PLANOS GESTÃO, MÉTRICAS & MARCA +
    • Planejamento de pesquisas personalizadas
    • Aplicação de pesquisas junto aos stakeholders impactados
    • Integração com IA de social listening
    • Relatório aprofundado e personalizado com os destaques
    • Acompanhamento presencial do público
    • Uso de tecnologias inovadoras onde o céu é o limite


Quem Somos
Homem dançando projeto de cultura
logo da empresa

POD.CRIAR CONECTA is an innovative platform created by ColetivA DELAS, a hub of creative solutions to inspire, connect and boost diversity.


pessoas assistindo um show

“A lot of expertise and power in carrying out projects aimed at women and LGBTQIA+ people!


They are super competent, articulate professionals who know a lot about audiovisual and business involving different types of creativity.”

- Fabiana Ceci, co.liga and Canal Futura


  • What is the value of POD.CRIAR Conecta's services?
    For matching between proponents and projects, the service is free. We only charge a fee of 10% on the value of the applicant's project, if he raises money through our services. For the management services you can check the values in: xx
  • My company already has a Social Responsibility or Sponsorship sector, what can POD.CRIAR Conecta do for me?
    POD.CRIAR can act as your company's operational arm while searching for projects aligned with your values, ESG and marketing objectives. We can help the process in the regions and with the laws that the company has more difficulty. We offer project monitoring tools and metrics that will optimize the work of your social responsibility team and will expand the company's performance through the engagement of people (employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers).
  • Can I use all incentive laws? What taxes can be used?
    Yes, as long as your business meets all requirements of the laws in force in the region(s) where it is located. It is possible to take advantage of up to 9% of the Income Tax in the federal laws. In state laws, from 6% to 20% of ICMS and in municipal laws, from 20% to 50% of IPTU and ISS, which vary for each state and municipality. If you still don't know where to start and how your company can use these benefits, book a free consultation with us.
  • How can POD.CRIAR facilitate my search for projects to encourage?
    We carry out a diagnosis and a detailed process of the company's objectives for the selection of projects to sponsor, taking into account ESG and brand criteria and alignment with annual global marketing objectives. When registering projects, we also carefully map all these criteria in order to achieve the perfect match, taking into account all the variables involved. In this way, we increase the degree of assertiveness in the selected projects and send them to the company for evaluation, saving time and speeding up the selection process.
  • My company still doesn't use incentive laws, why should I start?
    If you want to learn more about how you can use culture incentive laws as a brand strategy and social responsibility, book a free consultation with us.


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